Tips to Apply Blush Color

Blusher can be used to shade the contours of the face and make a round face look longer or vice versa. The right application of blusher gives the face a hint of healthy color.  The art of applying blusher calls for a lot of skill. Inexpertly applied blusher gives an artificial look to the face. Blushers are the beauty secret weapons of many women for decades.

The trick to using blush color is to select the right shade. Ideally, the blusher should match the color of the cheeks after strenuous exercise. For a layperson, the rule of thumb is that fair skin matches with rose and pink shades, olive skin with peach shades and dark skin with apricot shades.

The Table Given Below Gives the Shades of Blusher that Match Common Skin Shades.  


Skin Tone

Blusher Shade


Baby pink, mocha, soft rose, Golden apricot, Pinkish peach


Rosy pink, Light raspberry Soft coral or apricot with brown undertones


Plum, dark raspberry, Brown, deep coral

Tips to Apply Blusher


If you are using powder blush, put it on your brush and tap off any excess and apply. Gel can be applied using your fingers.

1.   Blusher is applied after foundation and Concealer have set. Smile into a mirror and apply blusher with a brush on the apples of the cheeks. Use a thick brush and a very light hand with blusher.

2.    Apply blusher near the hairline and the chin as per the shape of your face.

3.    Use a fresh fluffy brush to wipe off any excess. Blend in the blusher well.

4.    Use loose translucent powder to set the blusher.

5.    Dab a minute quantity of bronzer on the chin, nose and forehead. Blend in well.


Blusher and the shape of the face


1. If you have a round face, apply blusher on the apples of the cheeks and then draw it in towards the ears at a 45 degree angle. Use blusher from below the ears to the tip of the chin to get a thinner looking face.


2. For an oval face, apply blusher in the form of a Nike swoosh from the apples of the cheeks upward to the hairline


3. A square face needs softening, for which you could apply blush from the apples of the cheeks up to the temples. Shade a strip from the chin to the middle of the ear with blusher and blend in well at the jaw line.


4. Blusher should be applied on the lower part of the apples of the cheeks and along the chin line of a heart shaped face.

5. For a long face which needs to look broad, blush should be applied in the form of a wedge at the apples of the cheeks, parallel to the temple.

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