Tips To Healthier Life

A sound mind in a sound body; health is wealth. These proverbs stress the importance of health. Healthy people live longer. It is the ambition of every one of us to live longer and healthier. Taking nutritious diets, chewing the food properly, drinking plenty of water, having adequate sleep every day and avoiding stress to keep the mind in a balanced state are all certain essential requirements to keep our body and mind healthy. Nowadays yoga is gaining importance. It is one of the best ways to keep good physical and mental health and live longer. Let us have these steps listed out as tips here under.  

You should drink a lot of water every day. Research in the United States has shown that women who consume plenty of water burn the calories faster. Drinking mineral water is healthy. Water hydrates your skin and makes it healthy and shinier. 


Avoid eating processed meat. It can increase the risk of cancers related to the GI tract. It can also cause lung cancer and prostate cancer. Eat enough vegetables, particularly broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. You should not boil these vegetables for a long time so that you are not losing their nutrients and curative properties such as preventing colon cancer. Eat fish that are rich in Omega3 acids. It can lower the cholesterol level and aging of articulations. Mustard and spicy sauces help the body to burn calories. Avoid taking much sugar as it can affect your weight and skin too. You can increase your immunity by taking a tincture of black caraway. You should also take spirulin. To get rid of toxins you can take green tea and include enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Salads or juices are more effective in maintaining your health. 



Take foods containing vitamins A and C and zinc to get a healthier skin. Include in your diet food items containing vitamin E, which is known as vitamin of youth. This can prevent wrinkles on your skin. 


After ensuring balanced diet, you should also be particular that you sleep for at least 8 hours a day. This is good for heart and stomach mainly. Take care of your body position and try to keep your back right. This enhances your youthfulness and prevents pains that can occur at spine, shoulders and neck. 


Coming to the don’ts side of your lifestyle, stop smoking if you are a smoker. Also, abstain from alcohol. Avoid taking processed foods. Avoid stressful conditions. Stress enhances the level of cortisol, a hormone that interacts with metabolism and causes weight gain. Stress also can make you eat more. You should therefore relax yourself for a sufficient span of time every day. 


Protect yourself against pollution of any kind. Women in urban areas are more prone to breast cancer than women in rural areas, due to the abnormal pollution in cities. Take a walk every day in the morning to maintain your cholesterol within acceptable limits. 


Doing exercises at least 5 days in a week will improve your overall health. If you are inclined to practice yoga and pranayama, your physical and mental health will improve and stabilize. Yoga can also provide you longevity.  


Most important tip would be to have time for yourself. spend time to meditate and think about the way you are leading your life.Are you on right track of fitness or you are just wasting time finding excuses for not exercising.


"Next important thing is to have positive approach towards life."

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