Tips To Lighten Underarm Skin

Dark underarm skin can be very embarrassing for women, especially while wearing sleeveless tops, dresses and other similar things. Since it causes discomfort, its best to try and get rid of it. But how is the question?


We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 tips to lighten underarm skin, so read on to know more about the dos and don’ts for the same.


Avoid Friction One of the Simplest Tips to Lighten Underarm Skin


Friction can be a major cause of underarm skin darkening, so try and avoid it as much as possible. Don’t wear tight dresses or blouses that may rub against your underarm skin frequently. The problem of friction is most commonly seen among obese people due to their increasing sweating rate.



Women, who sweat a lot, have more chances of developing dark underarm skin. So make sure you keep the area nice and dry, applying talcum powder can be very helpful in doing so, but make sure you don’t use strong anti-perspiring deodorants as they are known to worsen underarm skin darkening. Also maintain proper hygiene in the region, so as to avoid any kind of skin infections.


Hair Removal Techniques One of the Most Important Tips to Lighten Underarm Skin


The technique you use for hair removal can be a major cause for underarm skin darkening. Even though waxing makes your skin loose over a period of time, it’s still more preferable than hair removal creams and shaving. Shaving is a strict NO if you want to lighten underarm skin. Shaving leads to thick under growth below the skin, thus making your underarms look darker than usual.


If you’ve been shaving since long, now would be a good time to stop. Switch waxing, and your underarm skin will improve with time. To lighten underarm skin immediately, gently rub pumice stone over the region, this will help exfoliate the dead skin and bring out fresh skin, which will be lighter than usual.


In most cases, it’s not the skin that is darker, but it is the thickness of the hair follicle that makes it look dark. One simple tip to lighten underarm skin is to use a very sharp razor; one that gives a close and clean shave. This is a very simple and effective technique that guys have been using for years! This tip to lighten underarm skin is especially useful for those people who find shaving a quicker and easier alternative than waxing, and are not willing to give it up.


If you haven’t been shaving, and yet your underarm skin has become darker, it’s probably because of friction or due to use of deodorants or perfumes. The safest tip to lighten underarm skin is to use a safe bleach cream, available at a store near you. It’s easy to use and gives quick and effective results in no time.


Home Remedies and Tips to Lighten Underarm Skin


If you’re tired of dark underarm skin, try using some natural home remedies, which are proven to be very effective in lightening underarm skin.


Tomato Juice to lighten under-arm skin: Apply fresh tomato juice or crushed tomato n the dark region, and let it settle for about 10 to 20 minutes. Regular use over a period of a week or two, will give you visibly light underarm skin.



Cucumber juice to lighten under-arm skin: Alternatively, you can also use cucumber juice for the same results.


Natural Bleaching Agents to Lighten Under Arm Skin


Lime is known to be a natural bleaching and lightening agent. So take a slice of lemon, and rub it gently over the dark underarm skin.


Curd, milk, turmeric and gram flour are also known for their skin lightening properties. Since all of them are useful in lightening underarm skin, using a mixture of all can be very useful. Mix one tbsp of curd, milk and gram flour and mix till it forms a thick batter, then add one pinch of turmeric to the past and mix well. Apply this paste on your underarms and leave on for 10 minutes, then wash and rinse with cold water. Continue this for a week or two to get visibly lighter underarm skin.


Mixture of apple, cider, vinegar and baking powder. Make a paste and apply it on the under-arms.


You need to have patience while trying home remedies as the results won’t be instant. Yet they are most preferable due to no side effects and assure long lasting results.

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my armpit is dark i always use hair removal cream to remove hair how can i whiten my arm pit?
by Annu Devi     19-Feb-2012
What are some skin whitening creams that sell in stores?I want to lighten about two shades, and i dont want to do any of those home remedy things, stay out of the sun forever(cause i wear sunscreen with high spf already), wear long sleeves all the time or any of that. so does anyone know of any CREAMS or SOAPS for skin whitening that I can buy at a store. Which store(s)?THANK YOU
by Alamgir     29-Dec-2012

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