Tips To Quickly Lower High Blood Pressure

There are several ways that you could lower your blood pressure naturally without resorting to medication. By only changing certain factors of your lifestyle you will be able to lower your blood pressure to come down to normal and accepted levels.


1. Adopt the DASH diet. The DASH diet includes leafy vegetables, fruits, minerals and nuts liberally in your diet. Anything to do with high fats such as animal products is not allowed. Refined carbohydrates and fat laden dairy products are also not allowed.


2. Use less salt in your diet. Salt not only adds on weight by retaining water in your body and enhances your blood pressure. The more salt you add to your food the more will your taste buds get accustomed to it. Avoid keeping the salt dispenser on the dining table. Within a week of a low salt diet your tongue will get accustomed to the taste. Read the labels of processed foods carefully as they will have plenty of hidden salt in them as preservatives. Try to eat natural foods at all time rather than what comes from packages and bottles. As they say eat more of plants than from manufacturing plants. Salt reduction will be a crucial differentiating factor in your blood pressure readings.

3. Reduce the amount of sugar that you consume. More sugar that you eat it goes on to disrupt your metabolism and release hormones and low insulin tolerance. This in turn might predispose you to diabetes which will be a predecessor to high blood pressure. More of sugar will also cause salt and water to be retained in your body and hence you will put on more weight.

4. Avoid all kinds of red meat as they are laden with fat and bound to increase one’s blood pressure. Instead of red meat opt for healthier white meat such as fish and chicken.


5. Avoid dairy products that are not fat free. Opt for skimmed milk and cheese made from skimmed milk too. Do not eat too much of clarified butter instead opt for unsaturated oils or healthier options such as olive oil which is known to be beneficial for one’s heart. Also, if using vegetable fats use them in limited quantities.


6. If you drink alcohol reduce the intake. A peg of whisky or two pegs of red wine are good for you per day; but, anything more than that and you are putting yourself at risk of enhancing your blood pressure levels.


7. Join a gym and start exercising. Exercise will be beneficial in losing weight, being active and lowering your blood pressure. For every kilogram of weight loss you will lower your blood pressure by 10 mg.


8. Learn to deal with stress proactively. Exercise your stress away. Exercising will help you to release feel good hormones which will make you feel less stressed and tensed. Meditate, practice yoga, do things that you enjoy doing and try to be around people who are cheerful and make you feel on top of the world. Even if you feel low on some days do things to perk you up.

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