Tips to Stay Fresh Throughout Summer

Staying fresh in summers is a challenging task for each one of us. But if you are ready to change some of your habits and life style it becomes an easy task to stay fresh whole day even in scorching heat. You have to take care of your diet, sleep, garments and personal hygiene and many more.


Some Easy Tips to Stay Fresh In Summers


If you are staying in home you can have frequent cold bath without using soap. Cotton is the ideal fabric that can be worn in summer days. Choose light colored clothes to beat up sun rays to some extent. Cotton is a cooling fabric and it will absorb sweat to keep you fresh for a long time. You have to keep your hair clean. In summer your hair are more opted to dirt and there is a great chance to become too greasy.  You can have cool hairstyles such as top knots, stylish ponytail hair style or buns – something that will hold the hair away from your face. This will avoid sticking of hair on face sweat.  



Summer Day-Beginner Diet: Starting your day with a cocktail of limejuice mixed with sugar and salt helps you regulate the body temperature throughout the day. During the day time, you sweat a lot and with this you don’t only loose water but essential mineral salts. To cope up with this loss, it is recommended to have this cocktail. Apart from lemon, bananas and raisins make up the deficiency of potassium in our body.


Role of Parsley tea during summers: Owing to increased liquid intake, water retention is another problem commonly encountered in summers. To cope up with this, have one cup of parsley tea daily. It acts as a natural diuretic.


Energy Providing Breakfast during Summers To Stay Fresh


Above all taking a good breakfast and lot of water is also important. During summer days you have to take cooler and lighter foods instead of traditional steamed foods. This will provide you energy needed to keep the whole day fresh. You have to include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat protein and low-fat dairy. This combination provides a variety of minerals and vitamins for maintain good health. Fresh fruits such as melons, peaches, strawberries, pears, blueberries and plums will provide your body a cooling effect. Adding ginger and mint to drinks will provide a refreshing feeling. Non-fat yogurt and butter can be added to breakfast. Drink lot of water and have sufficient sleep.


Role of Vitamins Helping You Stay Fresh Throughout The Summers


Vitamin C: during summers having rashes in the body is a common problem due to rising body temperature. Here comes the role of vitamin C in coping up with elevated body temperature hence heat rash. Normal doses vary from individual to individual but ideally for adults it should be 500g/day while for children 100g/day is recommended dosage. Vitamin C enriched foods include kiwis, oranges, lemons, berries etc.


Vitamin A/B-carotene: Apart from its beneficial effects on eyes, beta carotene is useful for bringing out the melanin pigment that prevents our body from harmful UV rays or tanning. But be careful not to use it as a substitute for sunscreen lotions.


Precautions While You Are Outside During Summers


Get a small bottle of your desired perfume to carry with you, if you are going out. The fragrance will uplifts your tone and that provides you a fresher feel. It is better to carry a deodorant so that you can swipe it to dodge away unpleasant odor. It is better to use one that relies on antiperspirant formula. Certainly this will help you to prevent sweating too much. Put a light concealer on your face to hide your skin’s discoloration.



Carrying blotting paper is the simple way to dodge away sweat on your forehead and nose. If your skin is oily, it is a must to carry it. Wet tissue papers are excellent in avoiding sticky feeling. While buying wet tissues, ensure quality as local ones may dries up your face too much. Mix some of sunscreen lotion in a water-based foundation and wear. Shield lips with lipstick containing sufficient SPF. Wear sunglass and use an umbrella or hat to shield from scorching heat.

Thinks To Abstain Off In Summers

  1. Give up nylons and synthetic materials during summer.

  2. Avoid excessive makeup. You can retain fresh look by ignoring foundation.

  3. Powder too should be avoided as it gets sticky by mixing with sweat.  

  4. Avoid spicy foods and artificial drinks.

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