Tips To Treat Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a kind of skin disease. It is generally known as skin inflammation. Dermatitis is seen on the skin like red or pink rashes which is often seen with an itching sensation. There are many kind of dermatitis which is characterized by their occurrence.

Contact dermatitis is caused due to some allergic reactions. It causes some irritation in the skin which also causes itching. This kind of dermatitis is more common in adults. The skin of such patients will be sensitive to some substance. If such patients come in contact with allergic substance they get dermatitis with in 48 hours. Contact dermatitis can be seen in any part of the body. It is usually seen in hands and legs. This will not spread from a person to other. It occurs only on the part of the body which came in contact with the irritant. It also does not spread from one part of the body to another. It spreads if the effected skin comes in contact with other skin. In very rare cases it can be spread. 
The dermatitis with greasy and scaly looking Skin is known as Stasis dermatitis. This appears around ankles and lower legs.
Nummular dermatitis is also known as nummular eczema. This is usually seen in men and women who are above 55 years. This occurs in legs, buttocks, arms and hands. These rashes are circular and sometime they are itchy.
Atopic dermatitis in childhood is called as infantile eczema. This occurs on both children and adults. This dermatitis mainly cause itching and swelling. In some cases it may also cause blistering. This occurs inside the elbows, behind the knees and on the face.
There are causes for dermatitis. The causes are different for different people. In some people get allergic reactions genetically. Different people different substances cause contact dermatitis. Poison oak, Poison ivy is some of the allergic substance which causes allergic reaction in some people. When you consider two people one will be having contact dermatitis. In United States this is become common. Some people are allergic towards some flowers, vegetables or herbs. The dermatitis can also be developed through sun burns or burns. Some chemical substances such as chlorine, cleansers perfumes, detergents, soaps etc causes dermatitis in some people. In some people contact dermatitis occur when they use the substance for the first time. In some cases dermatitis occur after a long exposure to the substance. 
Depending on how the rash looks and the area where it has occurred the diagnosis is made. Doctor will ask the patient to stop the usage of the irritant that has recently come in contact with the affected skin. The doctor also sends the patients skin for microscopic examination.
They are many treatments such as Herbal, allopathic etc which are available to Dermatitis. It also can be treated through proper diet. Dermatitis can be reduced by consuming the foods which are rich in nutrition. The dermatitis are caused due to Omega-3-fatty acid deficiency. The body will be prone to allergic reactions when it is not able to produce enough quantity of omega-3-fatty acids.
In order to find out the substance to which you are allergic you have to consult a nutritionist and do appropriate tests. You can also take the help of the nutritionist to correct those factors. Before supplementing any mineral you must consult a nutritionist. You must include fruits and vegetables in you food and also you have to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The most effective diet is Vegan Diet. Sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds help you to obtain omega-3-fatty acids. The water is known as the best cleanser and hence you should consume a plenty of water.
Supplements will help your body to return to good health. Supplement such as consuming minerals and multivitamin can be followed. In many cases dermatitis is caused due to the deficiency in minerals and vitamins. Antioxidants and essential fatty acids can also be taken as a supplement.

Prevention of the disease is always better than treatment. The prevention of contact dermatitis include avoiding the irritants completely if you cannot then you use some gloves and other clothing.

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Very informative.
by Dr.Robin L. Sharma     19-Feb-2012
i like your video, but so far my case is mild. i had in my eye brows and its a bit reddish and rough, it's like darudnff on my eyebrows and sometimes itching. its not in fact visible but if you come to look closer you will notice it. i did some research about it and i found out that i just have to wash my face more frequently. but i'm still looking for some remedies that is much effective. so far sulfur soap is on my list and its quite effective. looking forward for your respond.
by Eros     28-May-2012

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