Top Three Best Skin Care Products Reviewed

Women often complain about cellulite. Cellulite is deposited onto the skin when one gains weight, due to genetic problems or because of the several hormonal changes that occur as we grow older. All these factors and more make sure that a type of fat cells increase in size and form clumps. These clumps then settle inside the skin pockets. This pocket is then stretched up to a point that the fibers that are present in the middle are stretched as well. Due to these reasons, blood circulation slows down and water and other toxins find it difficult to escape. This leads to cellulite.

This Active Lifting Gel helps to remove and reduce these fat calls and also help to reduce the size of fat pads.

The ingredients in this gel help to boost the metabolism of those cells that lead to reduction in fat cells. If used regularly and religiously, not only will the cellulite disappear but the size of the fat pads will also be reduced.
The active ingredients in this gel also offer the added benefit of making the skin look softer and younger.

It should be gently massaged onto the problem areas during the morning time or before sleeping. If you wish to get better results, you may also use anti-cellulite roller and other brushes that are created for massage purposes.
This Active Lifting Gel moisturizes the skin almost instantly and does not leave behind oily residues.

A 150 ml bottle is available for $28 and can be purchased online as well as department stores.

Basic Night Cream

The Basic Night cream holds ingredients that help to prevent the skin from losing too much water. As the skin gets dry over the years and due to climatic conditions, it is necessary to hydrate it on a regular basis. This night cream allows the skin to get rejuvenated by providing it with enough moisture.
The cream is formed by mixing oil with water and other ingredients which have natural benefits such as avocado oil. This ingredient allows the skin to retain its natural moisture and provides it with additional oil which keeps skin irritancy problems at bay. These include rashes, patchy skin and wrinkles.

This Basic Night Cream must be used for over 4 weeks on a regular basis. It must be used at night and applied onto the facial skin as well the neck after one has properly cleansed and exfoliated the same. It be must be massaged on gently onto these areas.

This Basic Night cream gets absorbed by the skin easily as its consistency is very fine. It is not restricted to a particular skin type and can be used by all. However, it is greatly recommended for those who have dry skin.

A 50 ml bottle is available for $22 and can be bought online.

Anti-Aging Vitalizing Facial Mask

A large number of factors lead to a modification of collagen fibers. These factors include natural aging and climatic conditions coupled with lifestyle choice. Over the years, collagen becomes stiff and gets weaker. This makes the skin look flabby and wrinkled.

The Anti-aging vitalizing facial mask tightens this collagen and it also makes the upper layer of the skin look suppler and younger. Due to this, the wrinkles and other blemishes become lighter. The ingredients used to create this skin care product are mostly natural and makes the tell-tale signs of natural aging less conspicuous.

This mask can be used for cosmetic purposes and should be applied in the morning. A few dots must adorn the skin and one’s make up can be done over this cream.

If one wants to see better and faster results, one may apply this cream onto the face and neck in large quantities. It must be left on for at least 5 minutes and it must be removed gently with cotton balls or other soft tissues. Again, one’s make up can be done over this cream application.
It is not restricted to a particular skin type and can be used by all. However, it is greatly recommended for those who have dry skin. A 50 ml bottle is available for $24 and is available online.


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