Treatment And prevention of Migrane Headaches

Migraine headaches are associated with severe pain that may last for a long time and there are several symptoms such as vomiting, sensitivity to light, smell etc. The treatments for ordinary headaches are not going to be effective for migraine patients. The first step in the treatment for migraines is to consult your physician who can determine whether you are suffering from migraines and may prescribe adequate medicines. An important thing to be mentioned here is that it is not necessary that these medicines are highly effective. Many people have been unable to cure their migraine headaches. In other words, no medicine has been able to cure these types of headaches.


Natural Remedies for Migraines


People have been trying out different things to get rid of this problem. During these days, natural remedies for migraines are becoming increasingly popular. The “dried feverfew” is an effective natural medicine used by migraine patients and is available in capsules. It is recommended that people suffering from migraine have to take 125 mg of it on a daily basis. Also the natural sedative “Valerian” can be used if you are suffering from migraine headaches. The other commonly used painkillers such as Meadowsweet and Willow bark are of natural origin and are found to be effective in reducing the severe pain associated with migraines.


Oral Medications for Migrains


There are oral medications such as Bhallatakasav, Tribhuvankirti, Godhanti Basma and Triphala Guggulu. Some patients have been able to see an improvement in their conditions after a continuous treatment for three months which included nasal sprays also. Drinking lots of water is found to be a good treatment for migraines. Some drugs have been found useful in migraine treatment and many people have benefitted from magnesium intake. Try to get rod of tension or stress since these actors are found to increase the pain associated with migraine. Depending on the severity of migraines, the treatment periods may vary.


Although migraine headaches cannot be completely cured, they can be prevented to a certain extent. The prevention of migraines is basically about finding out what causes migraine in the person and how to avoid contacting those materials effectively.


Factors that Cause Migraine Headaches


Since there are a large number of factors that cause migraine headaches, preventing all of them is not going to be easy. However, controlling diet is considered as one of the most effective ways of preventing migraines by experts in the fields. All methods of migraine prevention are not suitable for all. For some people, consumption of certain types of food are sure to trigger noticeable and definite attack. In the cases of such people, avoiding dangerous food stuffs would be helpful in preventing migraines.


You may not be aware of what causes migraine. It may take a few days or months observation on your food habits and life style to find out what causes migraines in you. With strict observation, you would be able to find out which food items cause migraine attacks in you also other things that you need to avoid in order to prevent migraines effectively. 

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