Underarm Hair Fungus

Armpit hair fungus is a common and major problem that embraces males more commonly as compared to females. Let us know what an armpit hair fungus exactly is? It is a kind of ringworm infection in the underarms that causes darkening, itching, and burning of the underarm skin. It is basically caused by having a high amount of moisture in the armpits due to heavy sweat, body heat or types of clothing material.


You must know how a skin fungus is caused. It is caused when skin molds i.e. a type of fungi which eats the superficial layer of the skin. It occurs because of abrasion. It is mostly due to sweat, perfume allergy etc. Any break in the skin can make it susceptible to infection.


Sweat- The Main Reason Behind Underarm Hair Fungus


The point relating to an armpit hair fungus is armpit sweat. Sweat in this area is usually by warmth. Also very less ventilation to this area and tight clothing may be a cause. The other form of armpit problem is armpit irritation. It is caused due to the above discussed factors as armpit rash and armpit sweat. Armpit fungus must be taken care of and must not be ignored. Armpit fungus is specially caused in people who live near the sea shore as moisture content is very high in these areas and thus their armpits always throughout the twenty four hours remain wet causing armpit fungus.


Signs and Symptoms of Underarm Hair Fungus

  1. Itching

  2. Burning

  3. Flakes or specks

  4. Dark discoloration

  5. Musty body odor


Treatment for Underarm Hair Fungus


Topical Antifungal Creams: Application of OTC available topical antifungal creams, lotions and gels for 4 to 6 weeks are quite effective remedy for treating underarm hair fungus.



Avoid Abrasive Perfumes: Avoid any cosmetic products like powders or perfumes that have an abrasive action on the underarm skin. Also avoid skin bleaching creams.


Home Remedies to Treat Underarm Hair Fungus


Here are some home remedies for armpit hair fungus.

Vinegar and Garlic Juice Mixture: Mix one teaspoon of vinegar i.e. apple cider and one tablespoon of garlic juice and rub this in your underarm at regular intervals of the day.


Butter Milk: Have buttermilk as much as you can or even sweetened curd will be a good option.  An armpit hair fungus is very essential to cure as it may lead to other skin diseases.


Cotton Dipped in Curd: An armpit hair fungus can also be cured the same way as told earlier but a bit different as you can put curd with the help of cotton ball on your underarms at regular intervals of the day.  An armpit hair fungus is an important issue and must not be ignored. Tea tree oil application is also a good option and has proved very useful.



Cranberry Juice: If you’re a cranberry fan then there is some good news for you as an armpit hair fungus can be cured with the help of cranberry. Also consumption of cranberry juice has proved useful to cure certain infections.  


Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E:  Application of aloe vera gel and Vitamin E oil is very useful. Keep underarms dry and avoid accumulation of moisture.


Talcum Powder: Apply talcum powder to your underarms to keep them moisture free. Also regular wash of underarms with saline water and some baking powder will prove useful in an armpit hair fungus.


An armpit hair fungus is such that you may notice some white flakes in your underarms but this may be the same that happens to your scalp due to dryness that is dandruff. You can cure this by using an aloe vera moisturizer for your underarms and prevent drying of that area.


So you must put talcum powder or baby powder at regular intervals. You must also have lots of buttermilk and curd that is sweetened to reduce your underarm fungus. The main thing is that you must keep your underarms dry and clean but it should not be too dry as it may cause dandruff and flaking thereby aggravating the problem.

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