Understanding Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid is an endocrine gland. It is located in the neck. It controls how the body uses the energy. Also the rate of growth of the body is affected by the hormone secreted by this gland. The excess secretion is referred to as hyperthyroidism. Symptoms for high thyroid problem would result from an excessive release of thyroid hormone.  Some few usual symptoms for high thyroid problem would be anxiety, insomnia, rapid weight loss a high heart rate and a few other concerns. Symptoms for high thyroid problem are a result of grave's disease, toxic thyroid adenoma and toxic multinodular goiter. Symptoms for high thyroid problem can also look like those of adrenaline overdose. These might include rapid heart beat, heart palpitations etc. Symptoms for high thyroid problem would also include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea accompanied by sudden weight loss. Hair loss, too much sweating, eyes become protruding among all others one may also observe other symptoms of nervous disorder. Symptoms for high thyroid problem regarding the nervous system are hyperactivity ad a person may also experience hyper anxiety. Effects on skin can be seen as the skin becomes dry and rough and hair becomes brittle. Also begins to lead to a high blood pressure and a high fat count. These in turn may lead to a heart disease.


There are two hormones that constitute of the thyroid hormone. The thyroxin and triodothyronine. Symptoms for high thyroid problem indicate that the levels of either of these hormones have increased. If the gland is over stimulated then the person will start showing at least a few of symptoms for high thyroid problem mentioned earlier. Symptoms for high thyroid problem will vary from patient to patient. There also might be a tumor which might cause the thyroid to not function properly. After the symptoms for high thyroid problems are visible the tests for thyroid or also the thyroid scanning can help to identify cause of the problem.


Symptoms for high thyroid problem and those for low thyroid are opposite. Like symptoms for high thyroid problem will include weight loss, faster heart beat, excessive sweat, faster metabolism whereas a person with low thyroid problem will have symptoms like weight gain, cold skin , constipation intolerance to cold and slow metabolism.


If the symptoms of high thyroid problem are not seen and treated in time the increasing level of thyroid in your body can have many adverse effects on your heart and bones. In females the symptoms of high thyroid problems may also include missing menstrual periods or even light menstrual periods.


Well the causes of the increase in the level of thyroid hormone are mainly categorized in three. It may be due to dysfunctions of the thyroid gland or the pituitary gland or maybe due to the patients with thyroid disorder not receiving proper medication. It may also occur in people whose thyroid gland has been removed due to some medical problems.


After the symptoms for high thyroid level has been identified one undergoes a few tests which include TSH testing. The blood sample is taken of the patient and this is used to diagnose levels of the TSH production.


In children the symptoms for high thyroid problems is almost the same as in adults. Symptoms for high thyroid problems in children include increased heart beat, fast pulse, hands may experience slight tremors or may shake, the energy level increases. Some also tend to become nervous.


Thyroid generally develops in people who have a family history of thyroid. In females it may occur if they are pregnant, or had a baby or even a miscarriage. Any person who has been a patient before may also develop thyroid and may show symptoms for high thyroid problems. If not treated in time may also lead to thyroid storm. This disease is a fatal one. The usual symptoms would include chills, fever, and weakness or may even lead to coma.


A correct treatment at the right time is very essential. The reports have to checked by the physician and only then based on the severity and the cause can this disease be rightly diagnosed. Sometimes patients who are being treated for high thyroid start experiencing low thyroid. This happens when the thyroid gland is less stimulated than it should be.



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