Use Concealer to Hide Anything

A perfect blemish free complexion is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with even skin tone and a blemish free complexion. Most of us have small zits, acne scars and under eye dark circles.  . When applied with care, make up covers all imperfections and gives the impression of a radiant complexion.

A concealer is an essential item in every woman’s make up kit. It is used to cover pits and scars, pimples and acne. Skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. The slightest strain manifests itself in women as under eye circles and gives a haggard appearance. Concealer can be used to lighten skin tone under the eyes and give the impression of brighter eyes.

A good Concealer can cover many skin imperfections and cover blemishes and dark spots. Most of them are crease resistant and stay long on oily skins making the face look brighter and fresh.

There are two specific formulations, one for the face and the other for the eye area. The eye Concealer melts quickly and seamlessly into the skin for an overall smooth coverage. The face Concealer instantly helps minimize visible problem areas.

Which Concealer should I buy?

The watchwords in use of Concealer are colour and consistency. Judicious use of Concealer allows a woman to present a visage with a perfect complexion.

Concealer is available in a variety of tones and consistencies. It is a makeup blunder to put a single Concealer to multiple uses. Powder based Concealers are best used with a Concealer brush and used to cover freckles and acne pits. Cream congealers are used to cover under eye circles. Lately, there are stick congealers available in the market and these are best used to cover acne and pimples.

There are Concealers available in matt finish and those with a shiny base depending on their use. Water based light Concealers are meant for regular use and oil based Concealers are used in stage make up.
Assuming a woman has facial blemishes e.g. freckles, black spots and also under eye circles, she would need to have a minimum of 2 shades of Concealer in her make up kit. After first matching the foundation to the skin tone, she would need to select a Concealer which is 2 shades lighter than the foundation to cover the under eye area. A Concealer which is 2 shades darker than the foundation would be used to cover the blemishes. Other essentials are a fluffy brush to apply powder Concealer and a small sponge to apply and even out the cream concealer. 

How to apply Concealer?

Congealers are applied after the foundation has been applied and has set. To cover acne pits and freckles, use the Concealer brush in concentric circles to apply the powder. The excess powder should be brushed off using the tip of the little finger.

Cover dark circles, by dabbing the Concealer in three spots under the eye. Spread the cream in one direction towards the inner edge of the eye with tip of your little finger. A wet sponge can be used to tone the edges. Dark under eye circles are best to hide peach- or yellow-tone Concealers.

How do I cover zits?

Use a stick Concealer and dab a small quantity over the blemish. Use the tip of the little finger to smoothen the area over the blemish. Use a lighter shade of Concealer around the blemish as this would reflect light away from the covered zit.

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