Use of Lip Pencil

Lip pencil is one of the prominently used products in lip makeup to give a boost to the lip color. It helps defining the correct shape of the lips; also it helps in maintaining the lipstick at specific position. Lip pencils are specially designed for shaping, lining or even filling in the color of the lip. With that smooth and creamy texture of lip liner, it seems to be the perfect makeup tool to shape the lips.

If you are unhappy with the shape of your lips, then before you reach up to a plastic surgeon, follow these makeup tips provided below to reshape the lips with the help of a lip pencil. Lip pencil also acts as a base for lip stick and lip gloss to stick well and stay longer. A lip pencil is the instant makeup tool that should be part of every make up kit or handbag.


Tips for Enhancing the Beauty of Lips Using Lip Pencil


1. To give an impression of fuller lips, make an outline outside the natural boundary of the lips with a lip pencil and then fill in the area within that boundary with a lipstick of your choice.

2. If you want to hide your fuller lips and would like to have an appearance of thin lips, then make an outline inside the natural boundary of the lips and then fill the remaining area within the outline with a lipstick of your choice.


3. In case you wish to have your lips appear pouty, and then create an outline around the natural boundary of the lips with the lip pencil, then fill in the area within that boundary with the same lip pencil. Now dab a tad of lip gloss right at the centre of your lower lip.


4. To make your lips appear stronger, use the lipstick of same color as is the color of your lip pencil. By doing so, you will add polish, shape and definition to your lips.


5. To have a soft look for your lips, use a lip pencil of paler shade to make an outline and then use a lipstick of comparatively darker shade. Later apply lip gloss of the same color as is the color of lip pencil to complete the look.


6. To have your lips appear smaller than usual, apply a small amount of makeup foundation all over the lips’ edges, and then apply a lip pencil upon it. Make sure that you correctly define the shape of the lip as per your requirements. Complete the look by filling the area inside the boundary with a lipstick.

Make sure that after you finish up with applying lipstick; give a smooth look by blending the edges between the lip pencil and lipstick with the help of a sponge applicator. Finish up with applying lip gloss or petroleum jelly all over.

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