Versace Vanitas Eau De Parfum

Versace has launched an iconic perfume in April 2011. This perfume is a harmonious blend of natural notes, evoking the scent of a garden in full bloom. This perfume has underlying notes of cedar, freesia, lime and tiare. It is the ideal spring /summer perfume. Priced at USD 45 for 30ml, this has been marketed as a luxury product targeted at the discerning woman. It is a harmonious combination of chosen pure elements.


The perfume is inspired by the Latin meaning of the word “Vanitas” which refers to feminine vanity. This name has been used to epitomize the modern woman who achieves what she sets out to and is confident in herself while being beautiful and sensual. She is sensual and very aware of herself as a woman. The print and television ads featuring 16 year old beauty, Lindsey Wixson have taken the ad world by storm. The advertisement further emphasizes the bold sensual woman for whom the perfume was made.


The rectangular perfume bottle has a gold cap and is sturdy yet elegant. Versace Vanitas was created by master per fumier Dora Baghriche Arnaud. Mixes of fresh and pure notes makes the perfume just irresistible. Vanitas blends floral and fruity notes of lime, freesia, and tiare flower with woodsy notes of cedar wood and Tonka bean. Versace Vanitas is launched as a ‘couture’ fragrance and is priced higher than other. This seductive and bright fragrance is a blend of Mediterranean and Tahiti that exudes elegance.


Versace perfumes


User reviews have pegged this perfume as light and ethereal .It is suitable for day wear being floral based. The perfume is transient and is not cloying as a heavy perfume would be. Versace Vanitas is similar in note to Chloe and Burberry, which are signature perfumes. Although targeted at the young professional, this person has found loyal fans among mature women also. Users also admit that the scent stays on for 4 hours, which makes it suitable for office wear.


Available Products


1. Eau de Parfum 1oz, 1.7oz and 3.4oz 


2. Body Lotion 6.7oz


3. Bath & Shower Gel 6.7oz


How to Apply


1. Never spray perfume on clothes


2. Apply perfume directly on skin after bath


3. Spray the perfume on pressure points like the sides of the neck, behind the ears and on the wrist


4. In case the perfume is strong, just spray the perfume in the air and walk through the cloud of perfume.


5. Do not use very strong perfumes for office use.


6. Store perfumes in a cool dry place as perfumes are inflammable


7. Take care not to spray  the perfume into the eyes


8. Many people are allergic to strong scents. Do take their consent before wearing perfume in close quarters.

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