Vitamin B Rich Foods

Our body requires many nutrients for its growth and development, vitamins are essential nutrients required by us. There are many vitamins needed by our body like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. in this article we shall discuss about Vitamin B and Vitamin B rich foods.


Vitamin B actually is a group of vitamins which are different from each other yet closely related. These vitamins are vitamin B1 (Thiamine, B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6 and B12. it is beneficial for us to consume Vitamin B rich foods as they help in prevention of anemia. Vitamin B rich foods also keep diabetes and heart disease at bay. By consuming Vitamin B rich foods one is blessed with a healthy skin and Nervous system. Vitamin B rich foods which contain the vitamin B complex aid digestion and boost immunity which makes healing of wounds faster. Vitamin B2 has certain anti-free radical effects on our body which may fight cancer.



The main function of Vitamin B is breaking down the carbohydrates we eat in to simpler sugars i.e. glucose .A deficiency of Vitamin B caused due to lack of Vitamin B rich foods in ones diet brings about various diseases such as Beriberi, cracked and bleeding lips along with other mouth problems. It also causes acne, anemia, bloating along with certain, skin problems, sensitivity to sunlight. Lack of Vitamin B rich foods adversely affects the nervous system of a person, by causing depression and neural damage. There is no limit of the amount Vitamin B rich foods a person can consume. There is no such thing as an overdose of Vitamin B, which may have adverse effects. Talking about the Vitamin B rich foods, vitamin B is a nutrient which can be easily found in all kinds of foods. Here is some Vitamin B rich foods vegetables such as Potatoes, legumes, are good sources of vitamin B. liver, Turkey and tuna are the non vegetarian Vitamin B rich foods. Cereals such as oats are also a good source of fiber as well as vitamin B. Brazilian nuts, bananas, avocadoes and beer are other Vitamin B rich foods. There are foods which provide specific vitamin Bs. Starting with Vitamin B1. The foods rich in vitamin B1 are meat, egg yolk, fresh fruit and as well as fresh leafy vegetables such as asparagus, romaine lettuce, spinach, , green peas, tomatoes, eggplant , Brussels sprouts ,sunflower seeds and tuna too are good sources of vitamin B1.. Thus vitamin B1 is commonly found. Alcoholics who do not consume Vitamin B rich foods are more prone to disease.


Vitamin B2 which is commonly known as Riboflavin also breakdowns carbohydrates, fats and protein in the food into simpler substances. It is commonly found in vegetables, cereals and fruits along with Cheese , Almonds ,Mackerel ,Mushrooms ,Mince Meat, Steak, Sardines and Yogurt . Vitamin B2 is necessary for maintaining a healthy skin, and the mucous membranes present in our. Body. Vitamin B3 or more commonly known as Niacin is protein rich foods such as meats, potatoes and peanuts . Vitamin B3 is also responsible for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.


Vitamin B rich foods which are especially rich in Vitamin B6 are Liver Rabbit Fish Red and Green Peppers and Cod.vitamin B6 has the function of production of red blood cells which are necessary for a healthy life and for immunity which helps fight off various diseases that may occur in the body.Vitamin B12 which like Vitamin B6 is vital for the production of the red blood cells, which are the bodies natural defense mechanism for fighting off disease. Some of the foods rich in vitamin B12 are Liver , Sardines ,Kidneys ,Eggs, Mussels Breakfast cereals (if fortified) and Condensed Milk.the vitamin content in Vitamin B rich foods can vary due to cooking method and quality of food. sometimes consuming Vitamin B rich foods is not enough to get adequate amount of vitamin B required by our body. In that case one can go for vitamin B complex supplements easily availible in the market.while shopping for supplements do keep in mind the brand and to check the date of expiry and manufacture.

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