Vitamins for Celiacs

 Patients suffering from celiac disease are forced to follow a diet without the inclusion of gluten. Gluten intake can lead to severe health problems such as damaging of the intestine in the patients. Also, maintaining a gluten-free diet is found to be the only effective and currently available treatment for Celiacs, the patients suffering from celiac disease.

The damage occurred to the small intestine can result in other health related complications in a patient suffering from this disease. A damaged intestine leads to the inability of the body to properly digest vitamins from the food they eat. With time this leads to a significant decrease in the level of vitamins required for the body. The possible results of this deficiency include: anemia, neurological dysfunction, short stature, fatigue, osteoporosis etc to name a few. There is a need to control these in patients suffering from celiac diseases.
Even after starting a diet which completely lack gluten, vitamin deficiencies are found to last for many years. This is because the prescribed diet for them is not inclusive of all the vitamins that are needed to fight against the above mentioned symptoms. This results in a need to depend on supplemental vitamins. However, it is not easy to simply start consuming vitamins or vitamin supplies for celiac patients.
This is because celiac patients need to follow a gluten-free diet and a slight deviation from the regular diet can result in severe complications. Medical advice is mandatory before starting any vitamin supply intake. The first step that should be taken by a patient suffering from celiac disease is to consult a dialectician to know about their vitamin status. The dietician would be able to tell a celiac patient about which vitamins should be taken by them by correctly analyzing the individual physical conditions of the patient. The professionals will also give proper information on what amount of food should be consumed in order to avoid accumulation of an ingredient in excess.
 Various studies have been conducted on Celiacs to find their vitamin status. According to a recently conducted study, patients suffering from celiac disease are found to lack several vitamins including Vitamin D, Foliate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Thiamin, Calcium, Iron, Fiber, Niacin etc to name a few. Maintaining a gluten-free diet and adequately taking the vitamins prescribed by a doctor will be beneficial for a celiac patient.
The commonly recommended supplements in diseases like this are many. Calcium citrate (500) for women is an example which should be taken with the main meals in two doses. Biotin is another commonly found vitamin that should be taken in 0.50mcg. Riboflavin can be taken in 50 mg. Niacin and Thiamin are also recommended in doses of 50 mg. Folic Acid can be taken in 400 mcg. Vitamin D is also commonly recommended.
Although there are some commonly prescribed vitamins and doses for celiac patients, there is a need to consult a physician before starting to use them since individual requirements can vary a lot.

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