Ways to Lose Your Appetite

Some people are called foodie; they cannot resist food in front of them. These kinds of people tend to eat more and then fell into the trap of medical problems. It is very necessary for them to make an effort and lose appetite. When we say lose the appetite, we mean avoid over eating or avoid junk food. Everyone needs to follow certain regime in their life especially when it comes to eating. We cannot eat every time and make our stomach work day and night. It needs to rest and it's our duty to do so.


There are several natural ways that can help us to lose appetite, to name some:


Drink Tea: It is a natural appetite suppressant. It is generally said that we should have night food at least three hour before sleep, but most of the time we get hungry in this period. Having green tea or normal hot tea is the best option. It will suppress your hunger and make you feel full. Tea is preferable as it has less caffeine than coffee. There are several herbal varieties of tea available in market and that are good for health. 


Exercising: There is production of natural endorphins in our body when we exercise. These help us to lose our appetite. A twenty to thirty minutes brisk walk at night can help you to curb your appetite until morning and it helps you to sleep better as well. 


Drinking a Lot of Water: It is known to be a great and healthy natural appetite suppressant. If you make it a practice that you will drink at least one glass of water before your meal, you will feel the difference. Basically it makes your stomach full and you tend to eat less. It suppresses the appetite, but increases the metabolism and that is good form health point of view. 


Salads: it is not a natural appetite suppressant, but when you eat salads with low fat dressing, it makes your stomach full and you don't feel like eating anything else. This way it curbs your need to have high calorie food. This is the reason salad is often taken in the starting of diner or lunch so that you eat lesser amount. It is low in fat, high in fiber so very healthy option. Another good thing about is that you have to chew the salad a lot and this helps in production of saliva that helps in digestion of food.



Coffee: it is diuretic as well as a natural appetite suppressant. It is good to have hot or cold coffee in the morning or afternoon, but avoid it at night as it can keep you awake at night. It's good to drink coffee at the snack time as it makes a good snack item, but keep a watch at the sugar intake, replace sugar with sugar free options. 


Proteins: another natural appetite suppressant. It takes more time in digestion and is always better than carbohydrates when it comes to effect on blood sugar. When the blood sugar level of the person is stable, chances of his losing weight is more. Basically a protein item make you feel full for longer period of time and in a way makes you lose your appetite. 


Self Controlling Measure to Beat Appetite


1. Avoid the triggering foods


2. Destroy the things that brings about a temptation


3. Take a combo of water and nets.


4. Learn to tackle with stress or the factors causing stress.


5. Power nap is helpful in reducing the cravings.


6. Whenever you feel hungry, distract yourself off by listening to music or indulging in meditation. Meditation controls your mind and hence cravings.

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