Wedding Day Tips for Indian Bride

A bride is literally under the arc lights on the day of her wedding – with still and video cameras.  It is every bride’s wish to look the best on the day of her wedding.  Rather than solely depending on cosmetics, preparations should start a couple of months before the actual wedding day for a lovely figure and for grooming sessions.


So keeping all the things in mind here are few tips for brides to have drop-dead enchanting looks for the wedding day:

1.   The first step is to pay attention to your diet and grooming well in advance.   Drinking plenty of water and stop eating junk food to get a natural glow on your face.  

2.   Always try out your outfits, hair-do and make up well before the big day. Not only does  a trial run help you get an idea of the look you want to achieve, but it also lets you change what you dislike, thus  preventing  make up disasters on the big day .


3.   Go for a facial, hair and eyebrow shaping session at least 3 days before the wedding.

4.   Cleanse and exfoliate your face, neck and arms before starting your make up, as these areas will be on display for the larger part of the ceremony. If you are wearing a blouse or gown with a deep cut back, remember to go in for an exfoliation and body polish for your back before the D-day.


5.   Rub an ice cube over your face and neck and pat dry. Apply an even layer of matte foundation. Select a shade which is just lighter than your natural skin shade. The general rule is to avoid bright colours as your may look horrific in the photographs.

6.   After the foundation is set, cover up dark circles and blemishes using a concealer. Use a yellow based concealer, as this shade matches Indian complexions.

7.   Apply a blusher of pink or peach very lightly on the centre of the cheeks. You can use a bronzer to delineate the cheek bones, rather than rely on the traditional blusher.

8.   Apply eyeliner to define the eyes. While black is the traditional choice, brown shades of eyeliner and kohl look good on dark Indian eyes. Make sure to use water proof eyeliner.



9.   Use eye shadow of bronze or maroon shades and silver or white at the outer ends.  Use water proof mascara in black or dark brown.

10.   In case the wedding is in the morning, lighter shades of eye shadow should be used. The eye shadow colour should complement the colour to the outfit. Most Indian wedding outfits are in warm shades of red, pink and maroon, so peach and pink shades of eye shadow look good. For evening ceremonies, where the lighting is artificial, darker shades of makeup are called for. Evening makeup calls for hot pink and plum eye shadow.

11.   Define the lips using lip pencil. Fill in the outline using red or plum shades of lip stick. With all the smiling and talking at the wedding, the bride’s lipstick is likely to rub off so choosing a near natural color is a must. To make the lipstick last longer, after the first application, blot the lips using tissue and dust on powder.  Fill in the second layer of lipstick using a lip brush. Apply a little lip gloss to the centre of the lower lips to accentuate it with a mild glow. Finish by dabbing the lips with an ice cube wrapped in tissue.

12.   Use an airbrush spray to apply a light layer of gold dust on your cheeks and forehead if you like a very light shimmer. To hold the face makeup together and to make it stay for longer hours, dab a translucent powder.

These make up tricks will turn every girl into a princess on her wedding day.

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