Weight Gain At Stomach

Weight gain at stomach happens when we eat more than we can burn. But this is a general assumption and may not be always true. Stomach weight gain can be caused by the health conditions such as hypothyroidism, food sensitivity, Cushing’s syndrome, organ disease, prescription drug use, anxiety, blood sugar imbalance, and essential fatty acid deficiency.

For females it can be due to Menopausal Stomach weight, Stomach tumor or because of recent delivery. In rare cases, a tumor in the stomach may be behind weight gain of the stomach.

1. Hypothyroidism The deficiency of thyroid hormone can decrease metabolism of food, causing the appetite loss and will result in modest weight gain at stomach. Stomach weight gain is nothing but the fat accumulation and the fluid retention caused by protein deposits in the body. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, lethargy, swelling of the face or around the eyes, dry, coarse skin, poor memory, slow speech and hoarse voice etc.

2. Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency Essential fatty acids such as the flaxseed oil are good fats that are needed by the body to produce hormones and maintain the body's metabolic rate. A deficiency may cause cravings, particularly for fatty foods leading to weight gain especially at stomach.

3. Food Sensitivity Most of the weight gained at stomach is because of the fluid retention. It is mainly caused by inflammation and the release of certain hormones. In addition to this there is fermentation of foods, particularly carbohydrates, in the intestines which can result in a swollen distended belly and gas production. They symptoms are heartburn, indigestion, headache, fatigue, depression, join pain, canker sores and chronic respiratory problems such as wheezing, sinus and bronchitis.

4. Cushing's syndrome Cushing's syndrome is another disorder caused by an excess of the hormone cortisol. This would also result in weight gain at stomach as fat accumulates in the face, abdomen and the upper back, which often produces a characteristic rounded round face and buffalo hump. The arms and legs usually remain slender. The others symptoms are weakness, thin skin, high blood pressure, menstrual irregularities, and hair loss in women

 5. Medication Hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives containing estrogen can cause fluid retention and increased appetite resulting in weight gain at stomach. Other drugs that can cause weight gain at stomach are steroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), antidepressants and diabetic medications.

6. Others Problems

1. Kidney, Heart or Liver Disease, emotional eating, blood sugar imbalances are the other process problems that will result in weight gain at stomach.

2. Menopausal stomach weight gain is extremely common in women. As women age they will find that weight gain becomes harder to avoid and their hips and waist will begin to spread. Recent delivery of baby could also be a factor for women in gaining weight at stomach.

3. Lastly, stomach weight gain could also be caused by stomach tumor.

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