What Causes And Treatment Of Armpit Hair Fungus

 An armpit hair fungus is ringworm infection which occurs on the skin of the armpit causing itching, burning, and darkening of skin. An armpit hair fungus is caused by skin fungi, usually skin molds or dermatophytes that consume the superficial layers of the skin. Fungal infections usually affect skin and hair because the live off keratin, a protein that makes up the skin, hair and nails. While an armpit hair fungus is caused by skin fungi, infections usually arises as a result of other predisposing factors that may cause breaks in the skin. In case of an armpit hair fungus, the local conditions are the main factors that contribute to cause an armpit rash that is then infected by the fungus. Many a times the armpit hair fungus may occur as result of secondary spread, where the fungal strands or spores are transferred from other areas of the body due to scratching with fingers or using a towel on both areas after bathing. The signs and symptoms of armpit hair fungus are as follows- itching. Burning under the arms usually due to scratching excessively and damage caused by fingernails. Flakes and specks of skin noticeable on the clothing or affected area. Dark discoloration of the skin under the arms.

A musty body odor which may also be due to skin bacteria and poor vegetation. There are various treatments available for armpit hair fungus. The treatments of armpit hair fungus are similar to the treatment of skin fungal infection elsewhere on the body. The topica; antifungal creams, lotions or gels are usually effective for eradicating skin and hair fungal infection. This should be continued for 4 to 6 weeks. In severe cases where the armpit hair fungal infection is persistent, an oral antifungal may be necessary. Where a person is suffering from armpit hair fungus it is important to stop the usage of any perfumed products that may be causing skin rash. An antifungal powder may be useful in reducing sweat which is build up in the area while ensuring that the skin fungus does not reestablish and again affect the area. As the fungal infection is an itchy skin condition, you should avoid scratching as far as possible. Micro abrasion caused by scratching will make the fungal infection to stay for a longer time.
Darkening of the skin under the arms is often a cause of concern mainly in women due to various cosmetic factors. The dark color of the armpit occurs as a result of long term armpit hair fungus infection and irritation caused by scratching the same. While you have a fungal hair infection in your armpit avoids using bleaching creams. A mild dose of corticosteroid will help to reduce the skin itching and thus will allow the infected area to heal. If you want to get rid of the armpit hair fungus naturally you will have to give it a lot of time. Make sure you keep that area dry and keep it circulating with air as much as possible. Also make sure that you avoid cornstarch-based powders because they contain starch that will just make the problem worse. Instead use talcum powder. Wash the area as often as possible and certainly after periods of heavy sweating to reduce armpit hair fungus. Also use tea tree oil which is diluted and vitamin e-oil which will help heal rash and thus keep your skin healthy. Keep the armpits clean as much as possible. Apply allover over the armpit hair fungus infection for healthy hair and skin generation.
Add more vitamin c in your diet it is essential nutrient when it comes to healthy skin. Also make sure that you don’t wear clothing that is not too tight around your underarms. You must avoid the use of deodorants and perfumes. Also avoid prolonged exposure to heat or intense activity, as it leads to excessive armpit sweating which will further aggravate a pre-existing infection. Remember don’t exclude your armpits from the daily skin care routene.if you notice itchiness, pain, increased odor in your armpits then you might have a fungal infection in your armpit. An infection in armpit is very annoying so try taking immediate medication.

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