What Causes High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is known to affect one person out of every three people in America. There are many people who have had high blood pressure for years without knowing of it. That is why it is called the silent killer. However, there are several causes of high blood pressure and when one knows of those one can certainly take the necessary required precautions.


At times even the best of doctors will not be able to diagnose the exact cause of the hypertension. This means that the specific reason such as genetically inclined, hereditary, environmental factors, diet and exercise regime, the type of personality is not known.

Let us Analyze Certain known Causes of Hypertension:


1. Age: the older you get more is the likelihood of you getting hypertension. The systolic blood pressure recording increases as the age of the person increases. Therefore the older you get more are the chances of you having to deal with high blood pressure.

2. Hypertension is known to be a disease towards which one is genetically inclined. If either of your parents had hypertension then there is a likelihood of you having it too. Family histories have shown that this disease does run amongst families.


3. Environmental and racial factors: there are some people such as African Americans who are more prone to hypertension and in fact develop it at a far younger age than the others. Environmental factors such as the societal pressure and stress dealing factors to play a role.



4. A major contributor to getting high blood pressure is the amount of salt that you use in your diet. Societies that eat more salt in their diet are known to have hypertension and kidney ailments. The more the amount of salt intake, the harder will your kidneys have to work to get it outside the body which results in a higher blood pressure. The moment you restrict the amount of salt in your diet you will start noticing the benefits immediately.


5. There has been a known connection between alcohol and hypertension. Although doctors do recommend a peg or red wine there are very few who can stop at just one peg. Moderate amounts of alcohol are all right but more two or more drinks per day is more likely to dispose you towards having a higher blood pressure than normal. Hence, if you are a moderate or heavy alcohol drinker than you must keep a tab on your blood pressure.


6. The more weight you lug around, the higher are your chances of getting blood pressure. The moment an obese person starts losing weight the blood pressure immediately declines. A daily exercise regime will certainly help one in this regard. Once the person has lost weight they must also maintain the weight loss.


7. Emotional stress and the way you are known to deal with it can elevate your blood pressure. People who are A personalities such as ambitious and aggressive are more likely to get high blood pressure.


8. Too much of caffeine per day could also elevate the risk of high blood pressure.

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