What Causes Scalp Acne

Scalp acne, also known as scalp folliculitis, is less common when compared to other types of acne such as facial acne. Many people having scalp acne may not be even aware that it is acne. Scalp acne causes much distress. It is not immediately visible as hairs hide it out. However, at the edge of the hair it is more obvious. There are mild types of scalp acne. People having this type of acne tend to purchase over-the-counter medicines and use them for remedy. However, there are also severe types of scalp acne. These types of acne should be treated only by a medical professional. If the scalp acne is bothering you much with irritation, you should visit a dermatologist. Dermatologists know the best way of treating your scalp acne. This can save you from the problems arising out of the symptoms caused by your scalp acne.


Scalp Acne Shampoo


Using the wrong type of hair products can worsen the symptoms caused by scalp acne. Always check with a pharmacy before purchasing a hair care product for its genuineness. Therefore, you should be particularly very careful in this if you already have scalp acne. Besides treating the scalp acne, you should keep the hair clean. Oily scalp can encourage more formation of scalp acne. Unclean hair can lead to severe infections too. Try to change your lifestyle if you suffer of scalp acne frequently. Make sure that you take nutritional foods. Better if you avoid fatty foods as these foods can aggravate the condition caused by acne. Try to eat a balanced diet. Take lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid intake of much sugar. You should also drink enough water every day. If you doubt you have scalp acne, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. Visiting a dermatologist is always advisable in such cases. It can avoid worsening of the condition caused by the scalp acne as the dermatologist starts treating it in the initial stage itself.They might recommend particular shampoo or hair products that hinder development of excess oil in scalp. 


Factors Causing Scalp Acne 


As in the case of any type of acne, scalp acne also can be triggered due to mental stress. You should have enough sleep every day. Sometimes scalp acne can be very itchy. There is a severe form of scalp acne known as acne necrotica miliaris. These are larger papules appearing with black crusts. This acne may leave scars after cure. These scars resemble those of chicken-pox. African-Americans are affected by an even more severe form of scalp acne. However, this can occur in any person. This scalp acne is a combination of big cysts and pustules and papules which grow to large sizes. 


Medication Scalp Acne 



It is advisable to clean the affected area on the scalp using salicylic acid for any form of scalp acne. Shampoo formulated for oily hair should be regularly used. It is found that certain hair care products meant for treating seborrhea are very useful to people having scalp acne. It is advisable not to use benzyl peroxide for treating scalp acne. This chemical can change the color of the hair and spoil your look, affecting the quality of your life.

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