What Causes Stress

All of us at certain phases of our lives have experienced stress. Once the symptoms for stress is determined by the affected person then he can easily find out ways through which stress can be erased from his life. There are many reasons because of which we experience stress. And all these reasons vary from person to person. The reason for your stress can be completely different from the cause of stress in your friend’s life. Mostly some types of threats manage to infuse stress in our life. That threat can be perceived or it may turn into reality in the future, and it can be the source of immense stress in our lives. For example financial threat can often paralyze people with stress. When threats are one of the causes of stress then the person feels more stressed out and helpless as he feel that he can do nothing to control the miserable solution. Threat often transforms itself in the form of fear, and this is also a cause of stress. Out of fear, people tend to imagine harrowing situations, and these imaginations of a horrible outcome can cause stress in many people.  


There are many situations when people are not certain about the outcome of a particular situation, and these can lead to stress in their lives. Stress is prominent in such situations because the person feels that he lacks control and thus feels helpless which often makes him completely stressed. Cognitive dissonance is one of the primary reasons for stress. Cognitive dissonance can be defined as the gap between the reality and expectations set by people. For example, if you have set a target of finishing a job in ten days and it is taking you more than the stipulated time to complete the work, then the person can feel stressed. Stress occurs with cognitive dissonance because the person dedicates himself to a certain task, and lack of expected results, makes him feel that the people around him will not appreciate him and this can pave the way for stress. There are other types of causes that can lead to stress in life. When a close family member, spouse, or a child dies then a person goes through huge amount of stress. Prolonged illness or a serious injury can also make us experience stress. Habits like alcoholism and drug abuse can drive us to the path of stress.


When there is dearth of money in life then it can be responsible for causing a lot of stress. If somebody has got into a new job, then the pressure of work and colleagues at office can be a cause of stress, because the person is not familiar with the environment. Most people complain that they are stressed out because of their work. Stress at the workplace is very common because people have to meet various demands in a short time span, and dearth of results can hamper their career and livelihood. Even change in the technology at work can also be the cause of stress for some people.

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