What Does Your Posture Speak

It is known by everyone that a posture can describe a particular person to some extent. There are several tests on social networking sites which say what does your posture speak? Some severe results may ruin the mood of the applicant. Hence, a correct posture is required when you sit, stand, walk or pick something from ground. For every activity there is a correct posture which is supposed to be followed. If you want to know what does your posture speak just read further and know about good postures.

While growing up every kid must have asked about the reason behind standing straight, sitting properly, putting shoulders behind. These small things become big time assets when taught at a young age. In general, people are curious and ask each other what does your posture speak, some may answer proudly and majority may answer humbly in order to avoid embarrassment.

Here are some advantages of good postures, if you want to know what does your posture speak, scroll down:

Staying in a good posture can minimize various problems, such as backaches, neck ache etc.

As all the joints remain in the same position where they are supposed to be, staying in good posture minimize the risk of arthritis.

Your body will use less energy when the muscles will work efficiently, as a result you will feel more enthusiastic.

It is important to remain in a good posture as your spine may end up staying in an uncomfortable position. In future, this may lead to several joint problems, breathing problems, headaches etc.

This may help in keeping those ligaments which holds the spine joints together, in a good condition.

In order to know what does your posture speak you ought to know bad postures also, so as to avoid them.

A very common sight in almost every area these days: holding their mobile phones, between the shoulder and neck. It may cause severe problems regarding neck in the long run.

You must have seen taller people either hunching or slouching over their shoulder in order make contact with the shorter ones. It is advisable that they should avoid that.

Most people have this habit of arching their lower backs. It is advised that it should be avoided.

Carrying heavy load on one side of the shoulder on a regular basis is also harmful.

Before you ask yourself what does your posture speak, you may check out the following tips of standing and sitting.


While Standing:


It is advisable that you put weight on your heels rather than the balls of your feet.

There should be enough gap between your feet as there is between your shoulders.

Do not push your head forward; keep it in line with your spine as well as your neck.

You should keep your shoulders straight.



While sitting on your chair:


It is advisable that you should not lean or slouch on your chair.

While sitting your shoulders should be straight.

You should choose a chair of your preference with a proper back support.

If you are curious to know what does your posture speak about you, you can browse through the following and stay fit and healthy.

Angry young man: Muscles are tightly bunched, tough guy.

Peaceful people: Your body must be poised and relaxed.

People, who look at the future, generally bend forward when they are walking.

Similarly, those who holds the past memory and stick to it, generally lean back when they are walking.

Those who are sure and confident at all times, stands in a very graceful manner. They stand tall with head a little high tilted up, shoulders calmly down and chest rising high.

If you want to track down a victim you can easily find out. Their head must be hanging deep down. Chest, body as well as shoulders are all curved inside.

Those who blame others while speaking or are speaking defensively can be molded by anyone. These are the kind of people who think passively all the time.

Thus, these were some points which you may remember before asking someone “what does your posture speak”.


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