What Is Metabolism

When we talk of health several things come across one’s mind since all that takes place in the body determines an individual’s health. Metabolism is one of the activities that take place in human being’s body. It involves the chemical reactions that occur in the body cells to form energy in different forms. Chemical reactions take place in each and every living thing’s body enabling the growth of the cell structures. Enzymes that are involved in the metabolism process speeds up the chemical reactions thus, energy is transferred from one form to another in the body to facilitate survival.


Enzymes that are involved in metabolism process are very important when it comes to clearing the metabolism path ways in order to provide chemical reactions in the body. It also controls the rate of the reactions basing on the amount of energy that is required by the body tissues and body organs as well. Metabolism has two divisions namely; Anabolism that is involved in creating the metabolic path ways and helps in the tissues and organs growth through making use of the energy that is produced during catabolism. Another division is catabolism which breaks down the organic matter into small particles in order to produce energy to the body cells.
The living things are in a position to gain weight and grow due to the anabolism process and they can also loose weight during catabolism process. The dynamic equilibrium can only be achieved when both catabolism and anabolism processes are balanced. Basically, the metabolism process is concerned with the amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids because they facilitate the breaking down of the large molecules for energy which in turn leads to growth of the cell structures. The enzymes use the main biomolecules in making the chemical reactions which facilitates the energy transfer to the required form. These biomolecules include amino acids, carbohydrates, coenzymes, proteins minerals and lipids among others.
Knowing an individual’s metabolic rate can be difficult though it can be predicted when one bases on the following factors; the age of a person, the activities that one is involved in, food intake and one’s body structure among others. It is important to know what affects metabolism and why some individuals have faster metabolism process than others. Generally, there are several factors that can affect one’s rate of metabolism that are more than what one may be thinking. It is possible to alter the rate of metabolism that keeps on fluctuating causing hard times with the body weight.   
When you would like to know someone’s metabolic rate, you should study the effects of metabolism because it will help you identify what you may want to know. First of all, you can determine one’s metabolic rate depending on his or her age. This is because according to the researchers, after the age of twenty five, the metabolic rate reduces and begins to slow by almost six percent per decade. Gender is also another factor that can help in determining ones rate of metabolism. This is because men have higher rates of metabolism as compared to women. This happens this way because women have fewer muscles.
It is clear that food is always the main factor that contributes to the factors that may affect the rate of metabolism though the important factor is what you eat. Body composition may also contribute to the metabolism rate and can help you in knowing one’s metabolic rate. This is because someone with good body composition has higher metabolic rates as compared to the one with a poor body composition. It is important to note the type of food that we take in because not only calories affect metabolism rate but also other kinds of food since calories are not all the same.
The activities that one performs greatly determine his or her metabolism rate. This is because some activities do not require much energy as compared to others thus; ones metabolism slows down and increases depending on the tasks that you perform. The DNA test can determine what one looks like and also how the body responds to the food that is taken in. This shows that the genes has a role in the body and can show whether the body is slowing down or increasing the rate of metabolism.

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I loved this book. It is individualized. Most of the recnet books out are aimed at lowering sugars and refined carbs in ones diet. This is fine but for people like myself who already eat that way and still continue to plump up some other pieces of information were missing. This book covers all the other reasons that one's body may have gone into storage mode. I thought the Practical Tips part of each section was most useful,especially the parts on trigger foods and safely eliminating wheat, milk and eggs. For those of us without medical insurance it gives excellent guidelines of safe things that we can try ourselves.
by Xiomara     06-Aug-2012

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