What is special in Maybelline BB Cream


Maybelline, in response to the eternal male complaint “Women take forever to get ready” have come with their Bright and Beautiful Cream. The BB cream is the ideal solution to getting a long-lasting, matte foundation. The Maybelline BB cream is cleverly packaged in attractive containers and is priced just right-at Rest 199 for 18ml, it is likely to find a ready market among working women who do not mind paying a little extra for a premium brand.


The BB cream is available in 3 shades, just right for Indian complexions. The cream is sold cleverly tagged as nude, natural and radiance and is non-greasy and easy to apply. The cream blends in and covers light blemishes. The overall effect of the makeup is natural and light which makes it the natural choice of many. The BB cream is available in an 18 mil tube and lasts for about 10-12 applications.


The BB cream is a foundation cream and gives the effect of smooth, even toned skin. The BB cream substitutes nicely for a moisturiser, foundation, concealer and sunscreen, being all in one.


The Maybelline BB Cream Claims to Have the Following Benefits


1 .The cream instantly brightens skin to one shade lighter.


2. The cream has added SPF 21/ PA+++.


3. The BB cream has a smooth, light and has a non-greasy texture.


4 The cream hides blemishes and uneven skin tone.


5. The additives in the cream hydrates skin for 8 hours


6. The cream perfectly hides skin blemishes and redness working as a concealer.


7. With prolonged use, the cream makes skin softer & smoother.


8. The cream gives a matt effect and controls shine for a lasting fresh look.


9. The cream controls sweat and sebum secretion for up to 5 hours.



How to Apply the BB Cream


1. Moisturise face before applying the BB cream


2. Take a pea sized quantity on your fingertip and dot your face.


3. Spread the cream using the tips of the fingers


4. Apply the cream on the ear and neck area also.


5. After waiting 5 minutes, use a Kabuki brush to apply translucent powder. Blot off excess with tissue.


6. Use a pencil concealer to cover any blemishes still visible.


Benefits of Maybelline BB Cream


1. Attractive packaging makes it easy to carry even in a small evening bag


2. Moisturises skin and keeps it hydrated


3. SPF 21 is high and affords strong Sun protection


4. Matt finish makes Maybelline BB cream ideal for oily skin


5. Available in 3 shades to suit Indian complexions


6. Priced at Rs 199 and offers excellent value for money.

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