Why Do People Eat Junk Food

Well, health or unhealthy foods depends on an individual’s understanding of proper nutritional values. And to ask a touchy question on why people eat unhealthy junk food would crossing the mark. For whom I to assume that people really eat this kind of foods? I will not bow down in defeat; the writing is in the wall.

Many of you owe me an answer and tell me why people eat unhealthy junk food. They do it every day and sit down if a fast food reading an item headlined, ‘Why do people eat unhealthy junk food?’ They feel no tinge of guilt and eat to their fill. They will stroll out and come across a hungry friend. They will gesture them in to the eatery. Oh! No! Someone ask this question more loudly. Just tell me, why do people eat unhealthy junk food? Heard me? Why do people eat unhealthy junk food (Read screaming).

Let’s get down to the substantial issues. We have to delve cautiously lest we step on a forbidden turf, but to tell the plain answer as to why do people eat unhealthy junk food, ignorance comes to my mind and I cannot help but say that we all know the negative repercussions of consuming this foods. It is by choice we eat these meals.

In the morning as you were stuck in the traffic, you saw a health billboard reading alerting you on the high calories of fast food meals. Why do people eat unhealthy junk foods then? As you drove on, you saw another bill board reminding you of a pizza sales offer, ‘The Terrific Tuesday”. You buy one pizza and get one for free. Who cares to answer the nagging factual question as to why do people eat unhealthy junk food. The wafting smell of the roasting popcorns is disorienting your senses in an appetizing way. You go for it. That’s it. That’s why we have to keep on wondering why people eat unhealthy junk foods.

We may eat to our fill but the question lingers on. Diet analyst has been at it trying to establish why people eat unhealthy junk foods while they have other commendable foods at their disposal. It has been blamed on addiction. Ask someone in a fast food queue why people eat the unhealthy junk foods. ‘I can’t help it’ or ‘I just love French fries’ and ‘I can’t go a whole week without a burger’. The answer is short and the voice is empty of any will to change. To them it is easy to assume that a query such as why do people eat unhealthy junk food is a blubber and the subject seeking to know the answer is sinking into an oblivion of his own.

To make the scene more familiar to all, there is nothing that tempts our saliva glands like the fast foods. From the shopping mall, to the ice cream vans, is it still hard to tell why do people eat unhealthy junk food? When we are hungry we want to get something real fast and eat to our fill without spending a fortune on it. We hate to prepare meals in the house. It takes time and you can yum away you favorite brand of crisp as you catch up on a television series you have following for years. This brings us to another point.

To tell why people eat unhealthy junk foods, our lifestyle has come to dictate what we eat. Eating is no longer a family affair. Remember those days when we all had to be at the table three times a day For breakfast, lunch and dinner. To have a well balanced diet meal, with no desert at that. Today these meals are taken concurrently.

The refrigerator is not as innocent. Maybe it can tell why people eat unhealthy junk food. It holds all this stuff for us to consume at will and more so, preserves them for as long as we need them. Every time we get to the house from work, we head straight to the fridge. It is a good technological innovation, but a complete disaster to the nutritional values. It is here that all the rules are broken and frozen to silence. The inner voice screams itself hoarse, mesmerized. Why do people eat unhealthy junk foods? Anyone?

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