Why Olay Moisturing Cream is good for skin


Our skin reflects the state of our health. Every woman wants to know the secret of lustrous, soft and unlined skin. Ill health reflects on the skin as dullness and outbreaks of acne play havoc with the skin.  A good moisturizer can be a true friend in these circumstances.

Every cell in our body is composed of 70 % water.  The epidermis of the skin is made up of skin cells which are continuously discarded, even as the underlying cells renew themselves. The skin cells contain collagen which ensures that the skin remains smooth and elastic. The skin cells absorb water and oxygen as blood gets circulated through the body.


 When skin loses moisture, it becomes dry and rough .To keeps the skin hydrated, it is also essential to apply a formulation which supplies the skin with essential moisture and also helps retain moisture through the day. This magic formulation is available in the form of Olay moisturising cream


What is Olay Moisturising Cream Made of


Olay Moisturising cream has a high water, glycerine and natural oil content. This cream effectively traps the skin’s moisture. This cream has been used by over two generations of women who testify to the high standards and efficacy of the Olay line of products. Olay moisturising cream is light and is easily absorbed by the skin. The cream makes it easy for skin to breathe as it does not clog the pores. The texture is non- greasy and skin does not look shiny after application keeping it fresh for long.


Daily use of the Olay moisturising cream is effective in smoothening wrinkles and in preventing enlargement of pores. The Oil of Olay moisturising cream refines pores and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles.


The Olay moisturising cream is available in a handy jar so that you can carry it in your handbag. The cream lasts over a year even with daily application and is excellent value for money. The cream is colour and fragrance free and is hypoallergenic making it safer to use. The cream alone is sufficient as a moisturiser and make up base. The cream needs to be applied just once but its effect lasts for 12-15 hours which is very economical and convenient.


Tips on Using Olay Moisturising Cream


1. The best time to apply moisturising cream is after a bath.


2. The cream treats dry skin and perceptibly improves skin tone. Olay cream smoothens the skin and provides an effective layer preventing evaporation and trapping moisture within the skin.


3. The Olay moisturising cream works well on sensitive skin as it is dermatologically tested and safe on skin.   It can be used without worrying about adverse after effects.



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