Women With Obesity and Trying To Conceive

Obesity is dangerous to human life for both men and women. Obesity can also be dangerous at times when women are trying to conceive.

Well, women should know about the effects of being an overweight or obese if they are trying to conceive. However, pregnancy and obesity are linked with each other. Infertility in females can be an issue which is directly related to obese or overweight. Women face troubles while conceiving because of their BMI (Body Mass Index). When the BMI is high (above 30), a person is said to be an obese. Pregnant mothers should check and calculate their BMI before they try to conceive. Overweight causes imbalance in the hormones inside the body of a women. Because of the hormonal imbalance in the body, some females will no longer have menstrual cycle.

If women are still menstruating, then they can get pregnant because eggs are fertilised in the ovary. Women, who are trying to conceive, must know that obesity can lead to a serious disease or problem called as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This disease is directly related to obesity and the woman is likely to miss periods or may face irregularity. This gives fuel to imbalance in the hormones, increase in male hormone and finally obesity. The study of obesity has always been a complex matter with medicinal conditions.

While trying to conceive, a woman may experience thyroid because of the obesity and increased BMI. It is always recommended to see a doctor or a health expert before conceiving. Obesity increases the risk to female’s life while trying to conceive. Couples, who are fat or obese, find difficulty while conceiving. Fat women take longer time to conceive than the normal weight women. According to a study, obese women sometimes have to wait for about a year to finally conceive. The waiting time for pregnancy is called as sub-fertility. This can happen to women who have the Body Mass Index 30 or higher.

Obesity is a serious health problem, which may not be suitable for pregnant women. Obese women have to undergo more pain and trouble while conceiving as compared to average weight women. If a female is suffering from sub-fertility, she may have to wait for about 12 months or more from the time the couple starts to mate with an intention to get pregnant. According to old medical experts, obesity can directly affect the fertility in women when they conceive. Obese women have higher risk of sub-fertility.

Obese women, who are trying to conceive, are advised to seek professional suggestion and help from the doctors or health masters. Obesity can affect the baby if the eggs are not fertilised properly. Therefore, it is essential to see a medical expert or call for professional advice before trying to conceive. Before the child is delivered, obese women have higher chance of being a diabetic. Well, there are so many risks that are involved with obesity while trying to conceive. Metabolic problems in the foetus and gestational diabetes can affect obese women who are trying to conceive.

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