Yeast Beans Malodorous Causing Flatulence

Everything we eat has some good points, but it also carries some side-effects. Like, we are always told by our elders to have vegetables in good quantity as they are rich in fiber and are easily digestible, but some vegetables are not easily digestible and finally form gas in our body. Some of them are: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and many more. Sprouts too sometimes form gas in our body. With beans we can do is soak it in water overnight and then remove the water, wash it thoroughly and then used for cooking. It will definitely remove all the gases connected to it.

There are many foods, which produces gas in our body as they carries much more indigestible carbohydrates. These foods do not break down properly in stomach and reaches to the small intestine in same manner and when the food passes from there to large intestine, the harmless bacteria present over there breaks it out which finally produces gas like, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and above all methane.
Flatulence occurs when the food does not reach to the intestine in a digestive form. Beans are very common food which forms gas. As I have earlier said every good thing or food has its own demerit too, that's the reason the food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and peas, which are known for its fiber and have good digestive quality sometimes becomes the cause of formation of gas in our body.
If we see then fiber are known for improving the heart problems and save a person from heart attack too. It also modifies our sugar level and cholesterol, but it may put us in problem of gas, which is worse than anything. If a person identifies this problem in him or her, should surely consult to a doctor and find out solution to it.

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