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Your body, your posture, your health are all interconnected and interrelated. If you sit with a distorted posture, it has been researched that in that condition your brain works at  an efficiency which is ten %less than the efficiency it would have worked on if you had been sitting in an balanced posture. Your body ,your posture , your health is also inter dependent because of the fact that bad posture leads to more muscle stress and thus causes muscle fatigue and deformity more quickly than in normal erect posture cases. Ones body posture also affects ones nerve transmission rate and the compatibility between the brain and the nerves. Poor posture not only distorts ones body , but also slows down and interferes in nerve transmission and so your reflexes slow down and slowing down of nervous activity also causes illness and mood swings causing depression. On the other hand a good and balanced body posture makes the body go into a healing cycle and the body performance is at its optimum level. Your body , your posture , your health also effects your brain functioning and self confidence level.


One of the bad postures which has lots of negative impact on your body, your posture and your health is being in a habit of keeping ones head tilted. Tilted head posture apart from degrading brain function and decreasing the speed and frequency between brain and the nerves also causes pain and leads to less brain and body performance .Keeping a straight head posture has an overall positive effect on your body, your posture, your health. It leads to less stress and strain and tension in the mind and body and helps the brain in communicating faster and in an enhanced way with the nerves. Straight head position also helps your body, your posture, your health  by bringing your body in  a healing phase and therefore helping you in rejuvenation.



Other imbalanced  postures which have  a  negative impacts on your body , your posture, your health  are bending , slouching  , sitting with a forward droop  and sitting or standing in a hunchbacked manner. Improper postures causes stress which causes the neck cervical curve to decrease of deplete. Bad postures also affect the vertebral column and the spinal cord inside it adversely. As spinal cord is attached to almost all the nerves in the body so its detoriation leads to the detoriation of your body, your posture, your health as the nerves communication with the brain deters.


A posture related self induced deformity which affects your body, your posture, your health is known as forward head position is the key to a large number of problems faced very commonly by almost everyone these days. Though the consequences are not life threatening but nevertheless they are deterring factors towards your body, your posture, your health. It shifts a body’s center of gravity and can lead to various health problems like decreased the vital capacity of  your lungs , reduced endorphin production , laziness which leads to less mobility and can result in weight gain because of lack of activity ; it also causes muscle spam sand headaches as it effects the communication between nerves and brain , this improper posture can also lead to lessening of ones height (because of this slouched posture , people don’t look as tall as they originally are ) , dizziness , imbalance problem (proneness tripping over ones own feet) , it also causes to organs to get crammed together which further disturbs their functioning. Improper posture can also be an arthritis causing factor  apart from distorting your body, your posture, your health.  


As stated earlier your posture affects your body and your health. Imbalanced posture can lead to stress in the muscles which  compensates by becoming loose and inactive leading to slow responses , slow actions , illness of various types , abnormal functioning of organs , aging , slow working of mind and body etc. All the above factors undoubtedly affects ones body and health. Incidentally if we look at things the other way round also (i.e. your health’s effect on your body and posture or your body’s effect on your posture and health), then the consequences remain the same; poor health leads to improper body posture (because of weakness people tend to slouch) and improper posture leads to a distorted body. So its easy to see that your body , your posture , your health are all interrelated.


Now considering your body, your posture, your health in a positive way; it has been observed that the right posture can lead to a fit and healthy body and vise versa.  

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Heckvua good job. I sure appreciate it.
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