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Colored Eye Liner Application Tips

Beautiful and attractive eyes are one of the best assets a woman can have. In order to enhance the beauty of eyes various cosmetic products are available in the market. The variety ranges from eye shadows to eye liners and mascaras. They are available in many shades and colors. The proper use of eye liners can bring about a complete change in one... more info

Pamper yourself with Bubble Bath Soaps

Bubble baths have been popular for a long time now. Many princesses and queens would indulge in bubble baths to reduce stress or to keep anxiety at bay. Bubble bath soaps are those soaps that hold the ability to create bubbles in a bath tub. It is undoubtedly relaxing and allows a large number of people to unwind after a long day at work. Today, ... more info

Aromatic Bath Products

Homemade bath products are extremely easy to make and can be used as economical gifts. Nobody can deny that they feel the need to relax every once in a while and what better way to get rid of stress than with the help of a long bath. These bath products are not only easy to make but the ingredients are easily available as well. You will need ... more info

The Latest Safe and Natural Organic Lipsticks

A general study has found the fact than an average woman uses around twelve cosmetic and skin-care products everyday. An integral member of the cosmetic family that is used most commonly is a lipstick. All women use lipsticks, and mostly pride themselves in using branded ones. However, something that goes unnoticed is the fact that women consume ... more info

Uses And Effectiveness Of Loose Powder Compacts

Loose powder or compacts are generally multi-purpose face powder which is applied to set makeup and foundations. It also helps in minimizing the shininess of an oily skin. It use originated in the theatres with artists using it as a product to set their makeup, but due to its versatility, it is now a mainstream product with every women applying i... more info

Dead Sea Skin Care Products

Skin is the shield which protects our body from all external and environmental factors. But skin also needs protection. Being continuously exposed to all climatic conditions, pollutions, heat and rays, it starts loosing its natural oil and moisturizer. If you do not take proper care of skin, it results into skin problems. Over exposed skin not on... more info

Cream Foundation

Foundation is the first cosmetic to be applied on the face. It serves as the base and other layers of cosmetics are applied on it. The correct colour and consistency of makeup to suit each skin type is imperative for the face to look natural and flawless. The wrong choice of foundation will result in the face looking like a painted mask.  ... more info