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Colored Eye Liner Application Tips

Beautiful and attractive eyes are one of the best assets a woman can have. In order to enhance the beauty of eyes various cosmetic products are available in the market. The variety ranges from eye shadows to eye liners and mascaras. They are available in many shades and colors. The proper use of eye liners can bring about a complete change in one... more info

Beauty Tips for Brides To Be

  Every bride cherishes a wish to look beautiful and best on the day of her wedding. Wedding outfits, jewellery, makeup and hair must be such that they accentuate the bride’s natural beauty. On the day of wedding, bride is the centre of attraction so she has to put in all efforts to look “The Best”.   Not all wom... more info

Apply Concealer with Ring Finger

Pictures of celebrities without makeup prove that even the most beautiful amongst us need a bit of up magic to look our best.  Age spots, freckles, dark under eye circles and acne pits are blemishes on skin which need to be covered up. Fortunately, concealer is one magic trick which helps us hide almost all blemishes and helps us keep lookin... more info

Tips for Applying Foundation

Get free tips to apply the foundation and concealar and make your skin healthy.

Judicious use of makeup hides our flaws while highlighting our best features. Perfect makeup should be such that it is hardly visible, yet makes a tantalizing improvement to one’s looks. The golden rule of makeup is “Less is more”.  The basics of makeup start with application of foundation, concealer and blush in consec... more info

How to Apply Blush

Blusher is available in a variety of shades and colors to suit various skin tones. Choose the right shade of blusher according to your skin.

A beautiful woman, as per Indian mores of beauty, has always been equated with golden skin, dark hair and eyes, a warm smile and a hint of a blush. Modern makeup too, is incomplete without application of colour on the cheeks. Blusher is available in a variety of shades and colours to suit various skin tones. It is available in cream, powder a... more info

How to Apply Concealer

A concealer is a thick cream in a shade matching the complexion. Concealer is applied to cover acne scars and discolorations on skin.

Skin as smooth as silk is a dream for all of us. Our skin reflects everything that affects our emotional and physical health. A happy mind and healthy body manifests as glowing skin while a stressed mind and body reflects in dull, sallow skin. The effects of pollution, lack of sleep, anemia, hormonal imbalance and malnourishment show up as dark u... more info

Make up Foundation Tips

Makeup has become a perfect friend for not only women but also the men of today. The makeup foundations not only hide the scars and blemishes on one’s face, but also provide a beautiful, smooth and glowing look. These foundations come in a variety of forms and types, to suit varied skin types and tones. Similarly, the method of applying the... more info